The Death of Marriage

"Till Death Do Us Part"
"We are gathered here today in the presence of God and these witnesses to join together in unity this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Do you promise to love, comfort, honor, keep for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her/him, for as long as you both shall live?"
"I DO!"

And just like that two became one! Unto this union, Marriage was born. "Congratulations!" After years of praying, Marriage had finally made its arrival.

During infancy, Marriage was great. It was a union of love, devotion, and loyalty. A beautiful creation of the connection between two people. Marriage was happy because it shared its good and bad days with its partner, as one, making joyous memories that would last a lifetime. Although Marriage was not perfect, the love shared was real, so it learned to compromise and see the beauty in the flaws. 
For months, Marriage began to blossom beautifully. As faith would have it, a seed began to grow inside the womb of Marriage. Marriage was excited to welcome another new life into the world. During the pregnancy, Marriage became ill. The symptoms of the illness included memory loss, exhaustion, inconsistency, disrespect, and dishonesty. Immediately, Marriage took every precaution to find a cure and avoid any serious or long term issues. It began reading books, conducting research, and consulting with experts about sex, love, and marriage.  
The baby was born; however, the complications facing Marriage remained. While caring for now two children, Marriage continued to experience an affliction to its very core. The ailment was endured by Marriage for over two years before the condition was diagnosed as infidelity. The disease was catastrophic causing strong emotional and psychological distress, grief, shame, devastation, and severe weight loss. Marriage didn't want to die, but recognized that it would have to fight in order to survive. 
"CODE BLUE".....At this point, Marriage required resuscitation and was in need of immediate medical attention both secular and religious. The physicians stabilized the body but Marriage was labeled as being in critical condition. Over the next year, Marriage remained in critical condition which required prayer, therapy, forgiveness, and even more prayer.
Soon, Marriage began to find its way back to "one" again. It was starting to see again the fruits of love, devotion, and loyalty. It was able to find happiness and share the good and bad with its partner. Marriage was back, better than before, making memories, and beating the odds. 
Marriage was finally in remission, then again....."CODE BLUE!" The cycle repeated itself and the condition worsened. Marriage spent another couple of years fighting and praying. Then again......"CODE BLUE!" The fight was tough; however, Marriage was trying to hang in there, playing the part, wearing the mask, and smiling while dying on the inside.....Then "CODE BLUE AGAIN!" 
After ten long years of suffering, the doctors called it. Marriage was pronounced HEART DEAD and placed on life support. Although it was a difficult situation to face, we realized that The Death of Marriage was upon us. Marriage was dead. The transitioning of the body commenced and steadily separated emotionally, mentally, financially, physically, and spiritually. 
Life support was seized after three years of deliberation. Marriage died peacefully and amicably. A quiet, private funeral was held to acknowledge the death and to say Good-bye to Marriage. Lastly, the body separated legally. And just like that one became two.
There is Life After Death......
"She remembered who she was and the game changed!"
Then London Falls was born. 
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London Falls 

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  • Words can’t express the real ness of this blog! I felt apart of the story, very well written. You are so right u deserved tru 💕 love…..

    • Evelyn Henry
  • Yes!!! I’m excited to read more. “Death of marriage” was everything. Thanks for sharing!!
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    • Chrishanna
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